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In 2012, a group of high school friends walked into a community kitchen in Minneapolis with the goal of making a better granola bar. Sick of eating the same old stuff, they developed a recipe with oats and fruit that actually tasted like something they’d want to eat. 





The gang rents a kitchen and starts making bars on the weekend under the umlaut happy name GüdBar.

Fun facts

- That original flavor is still the basis of our current Apple Almond Cinnamon flavor!

- We used to have a robot mascot named GüdBot that we weren't always nice to.

After finding hungry fans in local co-ops and natural grocery stores, GüdBar becomes Fresh Bar and three new flavors are released. The team begins working two nights a week to keep up with production and Will joins the company full-time.

Also during this time, Wrappy the flow wrapper joined the team — we use and love her to this very day.

Individually sold bars are released and two new nut-free flavors are added. All five founders now work full-time and production space is upgraded to a much larger and dedicated facility for maximum quality and quantity.

When the brand was updated, we staged a fake launch keynote and even had a few strangely familiar super fan camp in front of a grocery store.

Our story continues! With the introduction of the nomi brand, we're proud to share our passion for a fresh and healthy snack with even more people hungry for something better.


Fruit and oats are the number one and two ingredients in all of our bars.


Chilled in the refrigerator, our bars are made to eat and not to sit on the shelf for months.


Our bars are made to eat,

not compromised in taste

and texture!

Follow along as our story continues!

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