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Most Bars Pack in the Protein, but Fiber Is Much More Important

For the past decade or so, snack bars have been packing in the protein, while at the same time sneakily adding fake sugars or processed sugars to mask the poor taste. In reality, the protein craze is a marketing Fad. Americans already consume twice the recommended amount of protein, and all the proteins your body doesn’t use are converted to glucose and fat.

On the other hand, Americans only eat about 16 grams of fiber each day, far less than the 25-30 grams recommended. That’s a pity, because adding fiber may be the easiest, yet most powerful change anybody can make to their diet. Sufficient fiber intake reduces inflammation, supports weight control, and promotes diverse and beneficial gut bacteria.

Every Nomi bar contains at least 3 grams of fiber, setting you up to exceed your daily recommended intake. Moreover, almost half comes from oat beta-glucan, which is unique to oats and widely regarded as the best fiber you can eat.

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