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Why Is There a Yeti on Our Packaging?

If you’ve looked at one of our convenient nomi four-packs, you’ve no doubt noticed a large, lovable character on the back. That’s Yoati the Yeti! But wait, what’s an “Abominable Snowman” doing on snack bar packaging?

First off, fret not. Despite rumors that Yoati and other yetis are monstrous snow creatures, they are actually quite friendly! Yoati loves sledding, skiing, and of course, snacking on fresh fruit and oat bars.

Yoati was originally conceived during our rebranding discussions with the amazing staff at Design Replace. Lead Designer Lucas Richards drew up the character and we all were instantly enamored! Yoati represents our playful side and shows that – like yetis – nomi bars prefer colder climates.

Watch for Yoati on our packaging and other branded gear. He may also one day show up in cartoons and as a plush toy!

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