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Can't live without your Nomi bars? Well now you can get the freshest granola bars in the world delivered right to your door every month with our new, no-hassle subscription service! Simply fill out the form below and then let us know where you'd like us to send your bars. Cancel anytime!

Subscribe. Save Money. Enjoy Nomi!

Tiers (shipping included)

Tier 1

16 Bars  



Save $2.00!

Tier 2

24 Bars 



Save $6.50!

Tier 3

32 Bars 



Save $11.00!

Most popular!

Step 1

Please fill out the form below (billing and shipping will be entered in step 2)

How many bars per month would you like?
Which flavor(s) would you like? (Please Note: Only Apple and Pear are currently available)
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